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Michael F Landi, CPA

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Identity Theft HELP Information

Information on Identity Theft:

"Protecting Your Identity," more on this... Keep your guard up... Scammers are Exploiting the trust we have of our connections, to gain access to your accounts... (Please See "LINKS" page) Famous quotes from the experts...

FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION - Actual Identity Theft ? Identity Theft ? Filing reports with the Credit Bureaus & Police Department is a start. However, many times, nothing physical may even be missing or have been touched... What Then ? (Please also see "LINKS" page) 


If you suspect you have actually have had your identity stolen, the above will prove to be most helpful. Depending on what has caused you to believe your identity has been stolen, will dictate what your steps are to begin to resolve. Those who first experienced such, as early as the early 2000's may still be dealing with the fallout & still working towards resolution. However, those who are catching this early these days can expect to unwind most, if not all of the issues within 6 months to a year and learning what to look for and monitor.


Soc/Sec # compromised (Tax Refunds or Exemptions Stolen) -
Contact Internal Revenue Service & The Taxpayer Advocate.  If you have a Tax Preparer (Accountant, CPA or EA) prepare your Tax Return, chances are you were informed of this type of Identity Theft by your accountant & communications with respective agencies were initiated & special Federal Forms (most of which are new this year) were completed with your knowledge regarding this issue & you also may have just received a special PIN # (Any questions on this, your accountant and the Internal Revenue Service will be most helpful here)    http://www.IRS.Gov  (Form 14039, 1st avialable for the 2013 Tax Year) 

Credit Card & Bank Account Numbers (Unauthorized Transactions) -
Contact your Bank, Credit Bureau, File reports with Financial Instutions affected & Police reports where suggested by Financial Instutiions or if something physical is missing (checks, credit cards, etc)
Mail Tampering (you witness someone drive up to your mail box & exchange mail) -
This can be difficult to know unless you see such activity.  However, such an act would be reported to the Postmaster at your local Post Office. Holiday mail does take longer, as we all send our well wishes by mail (very welcome by most of us). However, mail taking an unusually long time & arriving open can be an indication of tampering.  However, as indictaed above, seeing such activity can be difficult & running out to the mailbox to catch a neighbor placing a card in our box, is hardly worth reporting to the Postmaster & serves no one well, even though a simple stamp & drop in a US Mail box would have prevented unnecessary suspicion.  Also, simple precautions & when you are certain, a very descriptive report to the Postmaster would better serve the community than someone risking approaching those who drive up & go through mail boxes, as this is just one way bank account information, credit card numbers & such may have been obtained.

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